welcome to jam...

Always on a quest for their next great meal, founders and chefs Lee Kennedy and Alex Elliott decided to offer some of their favorite foods to you…

We are the Jampions, a select group of food-lovers, grilling artists and health gurus. In the small town of Sharon, where deer cross at crosswalks and where retirees come to party, Jam Food Shop offers alternative gourmet dining for even the pickiest eaters. Stop that hunger-complex from brewing and get satisfied at Jam Food Shop!

We have dishes for every flavor persuasion and more! Jam is a judgement free zone, where meat-lovers, vegetarians, and gluten-sensitives can eat together in peace. We strive to be organically AWESOME, so ask us where our raw ingredients come from. Do it. Jampions love to brag about our local farms and produce.

Jam Staff Favourites

  • Favorite Pandora stations: Fun, Salsa, The Jam, and Gregorian Chants
  • Favorite spice: Thyme, because you can never have enough.
  • Favorite ingredient: Wine, Lots of wine.
  • Favorite signature dish: All of them.
  • Favorite customers: The smilers, the dialoguers and the lunch regulars.

contact us

JAM Food Shop
10 Gay Street
CT 06069

Phone: 1 (860) 364 2004